Influences · Life · music

Once upon a band

Music takes me where none can follow,

I admit without


i cannot set my falsetto,


there would be no backdrop nor a beat to hum into


patterns into hear and feel.

Take on me,

take me on,

you were gone

i was on,

You were always here

that stayed on my roads

where it led me

the cold dark road

where i cried, October

Loved april showers until it was over

Maybe you were joking whe  you said

Love is reason, 

I will always remain by my tv

and See that blue sky 

while my love runs dry by Manhattan,

Then maybe my summer will always be moving on.

Hail to thee Warriors Three,

Mighty Three,

you will always be.

The one the only….


Magne Furhlomen

Pal Waaktar

Morten Harket




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