Guardians of the soul

There is a battle

that no one knows

the battle

in which you think goes on

for so long

you’d think it cant stop

til one bleeds

til one submit

til one yields,

can you see the folly of it all

can you see through the cracks of its cause.

Although we know in what we are told

what we are given much speculation,

how we percieve that battle.

Do you think differently,

if it were shown to you

if its none of the sort,

how then you’d know

It was you all along.

Does belief make you doubt,

do the story told and untold

makes you a skeptic

That we are responsible for what we know

and come to believe,

under the sun

beyond the moon

look for it at the dawn

be still at the dusk,

Then you know




and why we keep on believing its something else

when it has be us

we have to believe in.


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