There i was

and i saw me

traveling to my old lapses,

and saw you,

saw yout grace

saw your innocence,

I saw what i used to be,

looking for someone elses attention

looking for your affection,

these two were utterly ignored all of my life.

Still a glutton of my own misery.

I saw you 

did you ever at least try

to give me shelter.

An unfullfiling void

one cannot fill  by a lust,desire not any of those,

Only one being can,

May your be forgiven as i would have forgiven you,

My dear, once loved so much

a memory that burned,buried and left

I am traversing time and space

only for you, so you can

forgive me as i pray for your life.


For the memory

wishing you the best

♡<JAR>♡ 87-02


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