Why love

does have 

to endure

when life

stops you.

What then do we do

What then can we ever give,

We move on to improve

not to be better

not to be the one to do better

We just do…


D stands for


coz in its wake

i am alive and bleeding

knowing i need dire help.

Within the walls of help

i know i need people who have




and in their pity 

I can see myself in my own mirror

not only to help myself

and in the process

I can contribute from wake of 


Dos por dos

Ahh sweet mighty excalibre my own mjolnirre own to use one for my

muse to protect the other a tool which none can compare for a

rythm of thunder that is always be either or for which can construct.

Uno por dos

Leaves of old comes to the ground where i was sleeping then in an instant

you took my rib and made me whole by giving me someone for the rest

of my days to follow and at least to make me laugh again.

Am i not

alone in this battle

alone with this affliction

alone for all things impossible.

Yet you are

But you showed me

That i am not alone

That i have

That i will

That of this thing we call.

Do we give in,

Do we throw the towel

Can we just shut ourselves and go

into an isolated bars that cages us.

Dear sir

you and i must face this alone

but never alone in the war

of our mind

of our body

of our soul.

So please take arms

please make yourself known

We can achieve

by standing ground

and face with all we got,


we are not alone

We got each other.


artsydhude 2016 decembre


For Mr. J Dizon

you reminded me

that we are not alone

and yes

people do

have each othet

in times of trouble and trials

we can have normalcy

within ourselves with family and friends.

I slept

Hold on to this

hold as i keep telling myself

i needed it

i gotta have it

it forsook me

yet when you

took notice

It crept as a bug

it kept me on a pace like no other.

Well it did

and stayed there as

a memory.

Morpheus was your patron 

while Nott was alongside.

My two pennies was given back

but still i slept on.

That it was you

all along

reminded me that you will always be

my sigfried

and I your



To my friend 


Thank you


without your loving grace

Id be lost,

Thank you very much.


Random cuteness


artsydhude 2016 decembre


The shade was cool

yes i was standing and lurking

a figure took notice

gave a slight of hand

waved to me

then your face peered into mine.

“please i need someone to guide me here”

Gave you my hand

then you somehow smiled

after then you left me

but not in the shade,

you left me here in the light where

i bask in it and loving it.


For my dear Lisa R. Palmer 

where-ever you are now

I wish the very best for you.


Random cuteness 2016 


What is

Shall never be

and which no eyes can see

that time cannot touch

when you can hear 

the wind cry

as the night ends

when the day cannot be


that only can be tasted through the years.