The legacy of Self

To you i ask nothing but prescedence

In you i ask nothing but deliverance 

from which I myself came out from.

You gave me shelter after my trials,

You gave me wisdom after tragedy and tribulations.

While all my siblings care not of me,

When my parentage care not but keep judging me 

of what i can do 

first for them

second for my kindred

but not of my own accord.

This prayer i ask nothing but please

move me where I stand.

move me where i can feel myself.

Is this cruelty of self

Am i centering my self way too much

that i cannot sway into the wieghs of life.

Published by 0hmzae

A place of whimsical concepts of wasted rhyme and time. welcome to insanities of life thru lense of tensed rhyme and metre

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