En memoria mi corazon

It dwells

my eyes swells

been crying  over you

cant find my words to see you

been thinking of you way too much

Dare i see my folly then why do i miss you very much.

Cant see where i am headed

Dont want to know where this song is going to

All i know that i loved you with my own accord and my way

You were there

when i wasnt myself

You were there

when real happiness came from your laughter

from your true freindship that i misstook for a pure love.

Did you ever love me that way,

will you ever think of me such way.
Yes i miss you,

every single day that we parted.

and this heart

aches for you,

it does.

For the Memory of my dear love 《JR》♡ 96-98.


Lady Contessa



novembre 2016


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