Salamat sa inyong

lahat at ako ay pinaunlakan




Sa aking buhay

walang kapantay 

ang aking

himig at walang katapusang at grabe

at siguro wagas

sa aking mga talumpati,

and yes to you dear friends of the community

though this lonesome sucker posts one week or another

a surge of lightning that striketh once

yet on impact it connects on contact

that surges the static into a dynamic

may it be auditory 

or visual contentment.

Alas mi amigo et amigas

Monsieur et madamoiselles

Aking madlang na kababayan

Ladies and gents

Girls and boys,

I applaud you,

I admire you

Of all things

I am bowing to you, and chanting

I am not worthy.

Thank you very much.


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