Of the few and the proud

Without a doubt

of all the effort

of all the time

for you among the few

the ones who never ask

the ones who do,

and keep going

we will never forget,

we will never regret,

you make us 


and prideful.


Captain America

Marvel comics.

Kirby/ Lee

Disney copyrights marks thereof.

Dedicated to the men and women in duty.




what is it?

Are we going to measure it by 

what it can give to us,

how it can change us,

where it will take us.

Sijo lived it,

loved every minute of it,

lived the he way he wanted it,

then what do we want most out of its living.

Are we not slaves to our cause,

do we define all gains and benefits.

Or do we need all of that which can be taken just like that?

To you my dear sijo,

I am a student of your cause,

to evolve


and yes

improve on all my flaws,

one day at a time.


Game of death

circa 1978

A time and place

Death is not new

death will be always be there

mocking us

tearing us.

We grieve as if we lose our being,

What then if we cannot accept it

what then uf we cannot change it.

The gods of old did not

can not

and they did not accept it,

one did and it did wonders,

Then why

in all generations death is still a loss.

I am Prunella Piskadora,

a vision of life in death

a vision of death inside my eye.

Never dying but always living

always yielding but not slowing.

Death is my beginning 

and Living is my ending.


Queen Prunella 

by artsydhude

What, really you gonna post this?

Drama at its core,

but what does it take 

when that smirk

goes into a half pint smile,

from that a half pint smile into a full blown “ehh”,

its gonna swell into a throbbing nervous laugh.

Then it bellows into a full blown laughter

til that eyes swells into a emotional laughter,

then the stomach hits when one goes literaly






that means nothing

but it is everything that you will ever need.



fanart by artsydhude

Groo The Wanderer by Sergio Aragones.

Sa iyo ito

Aking mahal

ito ay sa iyo,

at ang aking buhay

ilalagay para sa lahat.

aking mahal

ang puso at diwa sa iyo lamang

ang aking buhay ay

para lang sa iyo.


My life would be empty without you

from my past i said

Id be next to you all my life

now im dreamless coz baby

i am dreaming everyday with you.



by artsydhude 

novembre ’16

Dear Sleep.

    Where are you when i need you. Where is my Morpheus, has nyx stow you away from me. Where are you when i want you.
Alas i havent seen you around since i came back home. I am looking for you but cant find you, when i least expect it, you are there. But at the time i need you most, you hide from me.

well then, what must i do to find each other. Maybe I need to dream myself into you, so we can find each other. 

A song told me once “Maybe you are sleep already but I am wide awake.”

Well if we do meet in the future days, we will see each other, one way or another.”

En memoria mi corazon

It dwells

my eyes swells

been crying  over you

cant find my words to see you

been thinking of you way too much

Dare i see my folly then why do i miss you very much.

Cant see where i am headed

Dont want to know where this song is going to

All i know that i loved you with my own accord and my way

You were there

when i wasnt myself

You were there

when real happiness came from your laughter

from your true freindship that i misstook for a pure love.

Did you ever love me that way,

will you ever think of me such way.
Yes i miss you,

every single day that we parted.

and this heart

aches for you,

it does.

For the Memory of my dear love 《JR》♡ 96-98.


Lady Contessa



novembre 2016

The legacy of Self

To you i ask nothing but prescedence

In you i ask nothing but deliverance 

from which I myself came out from.

You gave me shelter after my trials,

You gave me wisdom after tragedy and tribulations.

While all my siblings care not of me,

When my parentage care not but keep judging me 

of what i can do 

first for them

second for my kindred

but not of my own accord.

This prayer i ask nothing but please

move me where I stand.

move me where i can feel myself.

Is this cruelty of self

Am i centering my self way too much

that i cannot sway into the wieghs of life.