Lead me into your Art

Please mighty pencil

let my muse be on

let my mind to wander

let this hand to be guided.

For today marks the lives for those who have lived,

in their lifetime their own love

with their passion

with their commitment,

thus i cry unto thee immortal guises

of influence and inspiration.

Of men of old and immortal bards,poets and those who had

the hands of their making.

let me ask of it,

let me ask from you,

i ask nothing in return

but of grace

but of commitment

and of love

of the art

in which we all ar3

greatful for



Let your loving grace and mercy be upon this lowly

student of which he loves dearly,

in the waking hours of the veil,

let he who ask

be of servant of the art

in which we all love


and be influence from.

Thank you oh mighty pencil,

and of pen and paper.

Thank you.


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