Pint size

Yet heavy in form

The allure of his sky

You think its massive

But to use such

You’d have to be first a carpenter

Forked ears

Blunt sphere

But no tail


Alas when struck you’d know you have been hammered

Do thy bidding of the nail 

And strucketh thee into the walls of this oak

Thus forming its own tailpipe

And as it slides upon from the base

My mighty mjolnir with be transposed

Transform this puny human

Into not a demi

Not a hero

But the one who’d be transcend from a boy into a man

A man into someone who’d be at least a protector

Of the ones who are important

Of those deserve his time

And be transformed from physiological into a matter

Of opinion fact and life itself.


Thus speaketh thy rune into me

Transform , transcend and break this brain 

Not of shame

But be not in vain.


I took thee pint size hammer of old

I take thee my mjolnir

Transform me

As would the one before me

A mantle like no other


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