The art of living: vp. ii




My serpent is at it again.

Asp come to me

Trail the back from the ground onto the back of my spine.

Go ahead aggravate me with all your words

Go ahead keep mouthing off all the things you wanted to say

When this little asp reaches the core window

It will shoot out from the den of Smaug and it will

Wail upon you

So please keep that fire bellowing on me

Put more embers and tinder on the fire that is being built

Upon each words are uttered

And with a motion i will take

I will not be sorry

Nor regret an action from which my Dragon fired emotions

That flow from within.

So please test my patience

Test my tolerance

So please utter them feisty word.

One motion of an inch from me and bridge that distance

So go ahead 

Mouth off

And try to touch my space

Lets get it going and see what happens 


Art by artsydhude 2015


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