Just another mask

This face is not my face

this suit is of my body

that i sculpted


into something

that kept me alive.

This mantle is my career

i take upon my vengeance

not my own

but someones justice.

A might that is my right to equalize

by not my standard

someone else’s life.

So please take your aim, as i deflect it

and put you where your life in someone’s hold.

This is who I am,

I am the night

I am vengeance

I am Batman.


Elevated heart

To be inspired

is to be influenced first.

To be loved

first give love.

To have love

one must be in love

not of others

not of self

one must know it first

and how it works,

then love comes

as it is

never was.

Acceptance of it will only

expect from it

and that

is not the way

is not of the essence,

because love is an emotion 

of a sublime rendered

for each other.

Of memory of you.

These wounds

they have healed

but the memory is there

the memory of my mental love for you

all the lust, the power of your flesh, that lies within my walls

is now decorated on my galleries of childhood

we said our goodbyes

we never touched not even once.

I can let you go now,

let me go coz i feel you never did.


digital art by artsydhude octobre ’16

Lead me into your Art

Please mighty pencil

let my muse be on

let my mind to wander

let this hand to be guided.

For today marks the lives for those who have lived,

in their lifetime their own love

with their passion

with their commitment,

thus i cry unto thee immortal guises

of influence and inspiration.

Of men of old and immortal bards,poets and those who had

the hands of their making.

let me ask of it,

let me ask from you,

i ask nothing in return

but of grace

but of commitment

and of love

of the art

in which we all ar3

greatful for



Let your loving grace and mercy be upon this lowly

student of which he loves dearly,

in the waking hours of the veil,

let he who ask

be of servant of the art

in which we all love


and be influence from.

Thank you oh mighty pencil,

and of pen and paper.

Thank you.


Throw me a line 

I’ll take it

I give it back to you .

You give and I take,

I take it then you kept it as it were.

Would there be a point

Were we ought to break 

So as to see

If we ever needed 

To rinse out things.

Coz it’s a cycle 

That we cannot get out of.


Art by artsydhude Oct 16.


If it weren’t for you 

I would have given up.

The days will be so unkind 

And my mind would be a mess.


But you were there 

It filled me

It fueled me

Gave me something to do 

Gave me an influence 

And it made me think 

It made me feel 

That someone else needs me

That someone else is going through so much 

I learned that you needed me

As I needed you.

For all of you here in WordPress community.

I am in debt of your influence, may you guys shine and never give in and always keep it going no matter the odds.

Mermoria de las MuertosΒ 

I saw you once

Your life a good one 

I felt you twice

When I heard about you

It hurts to smile knowingly there’s no one there for you 

What about me…

I’m still here

And will make the most out of it 

I’m still here

And make it better 

Not for me 

Not for you 

To those who matters most 

And to those next generation of happiness

I’d be glad to see them smile

And make a world 

That has an abundance of love, life, and laughter along the way.

When she loved me

That there was sunshine

That there were butterflies lived in my tummy

That there were love in our eyes,

Then why am I still in love

Then why am I still longing 

Then why do I still yearn.

The bliss

My flower 

My light

My life

In you I am whole 

With you I can be myself 

Thru you I am loved 

You are my being

Let me be your guide

To which life can offer you 

No matter what and how can become into

You will always be my flower

The one that has more petals than a carnation has

Age to me is a number on how much and multiplied of love 

to be given each  and every time I hold you.

Let your petals seed your life into your future.

At para sa akin ikaw lan

Ang makakapagtawa ng wages hanggang kailan man.

Magandang ka-arawan aking anak.
“For the flower is the fruit that never dies

It only multiplies.”

-ohmz ’16