Regarding Mr Abbot

The triangle went the to circle and asked why square left off

The rhombus question isoceles but the right angle kept

Where rectangle didnt say, ellipse followed while obtuse was absurd.

Ahh sweet planes 

Lines of directional flow 

Grow each at the point of my perspective

When all my metric measures nothing but

Volume of Y i didnt take X and never asked about Z.

Helm by artsydhude 2015


Dear me,

I saw you there yesterday, with all the love you keep giving time and again to those who wants but best in family.

But what do you do when some insanity of life arise and never stop and wont yield only to end in some distance between. Would you ever grow to know and learn what it means with every days trial that doesnt seem to end.

Alas, give it time so shall you see the fruit of the plant that was thrown, may it fully grow for a good eat sometime tommorow.

Clamor down and settle for today will be just another.



Back attack by artsydhude 2015

Douse this please

Sa aking kanan punyal

Sa aking kaliwa kamay

Gipit na ang mundo ko

Ikaw pa

Mag lagay ng apoy sa aking puso

Sige imbis na tubig ang ibigay mo

Apoy pa rin ang gatong mo

Tignan natin kung saan papunta

Ang kahapong 



Why must you always do this

Do you think its healthy

To give me your rage

Cant you damn see

I try not to

So go ahead and keep your eyes fixed

And see where my fury within goes

Dare to douse me of my madness

U think its gonna help

When you try to trip me when I am not my best

The memory i keep

Aking kahapon

Sandali sa aking isipan

Sandali sa aking puso

Pero hanggang ngayon

Iniibig pa rin kita 

Dahil ang iyong memoria

Dun kita mulit mulit

Lambingin at halikan


Doon lang kita makikita.

Doon lang




In your best

At your best

I will see


And keep loving you

Coz baby

Its your memories that keeps me trying

And not quit

Will always try

To touch your lips

To see your arousal

And lovingly eyes that bat me to submission

Let make another

Lets make it worthwhile

A new memory of loving each other

Like there is no tommorow

Only to love you each day we passes by

Upon this i see

Mag husga ka

Tignan mo lang

Hanggang saan

Ang aking


Pag intindi

Sa lahat, at lahat ng mga bagay na kelangan

At eto ay pumunta sa aking ulo papuntang himpapawid

At langit ng aking sarilong paraiso.

Doon lan ako maghihintay 


Judge me not

For what i cannot do

For myself

For the other ones 

Those who cannot



Why must i always 

See this picture

That someone forces me to paint

So leave me on a corner of the edge of my book

There i will find a place

To understand what i can

And not be 


Art by artsydhude 2016


Dios ko

Dios ko

Saan na po ang ulo ng tao.

Dios ko

Dios ko

Kahit gaano ang iyak ko,

Ang mga tao

Walang hulos dili

Ng kanilang grabeng pag husga sa isat isa


Why do you cry 

When the rain falls upon the head of everyone’s life

When the rain comes near 

Shall you become the soil 

That got eroded and form into

A material that all these takes into shape

And hear the wind cry

As the rain tries…

Behold and own

Art thou confused

Art thou aroused

In the confusion of yesterday?


Numbing mundane rots the hands

Numbing tasks that tires most

Endless verbal winds that pass

Into one and into other


Why then force the issue

What then to do 

Where do we all stand


Behold thine life
Take it

Break it

Till pills comes out the pharmacy

Then relapse into memory of the past

Re live

Re align



Now take your mind

Throw it

Now take the arms 

Flail it

Life becomes when theres none to give

Life becomes when there is no more to take


The tasks of life will be ours to make

Once we all own 

What needs to be

Where it should be

It will take you 

To the shores 

Of your eternal life

Where he is sipping a good martini

That got shaken in the process

He will welcome you and say

“Hello neighbor where have you been, come sit enjoy

Your life is about you”