Post humously yours

In your days

You swore youd be st least be around

You said we’d always be with in essence

Your prescence is near


A passing wind

Fell upon a head

A head which no ache can be found



Wherever it rains

It pours

Tears beyond my sight

Sighs upon grief that should have been

Words upon that was not said

The do’s that wasnt done

A touch mesmerized by an eye that beholds your beauty

But here I am

I am alone here smiling and having tears of joy

I grieve upon the mistakes i have given you

I grieve upon the regrets that i had said and done to you

Those things i wanted to do now can not be done

Those things that should have been

Could have been

Would have been


I wont grieve


I wont cry

If i do

It be tears of joy

Coz in my mind

You will be at rest

A rest eternal far beyond 

Anything that the world has given you

When you were here.

Thank you and may your star shine happily

When you are

At that pearly gate

And sharing food drinks and a life of long lasting love

Upon this i cry

Of tears of joy

Of your passing.


Sa inyo aking mahal

Sa inyo para sa inyo

Etong tula na sobrang haba

Pinatawa nyo kami

Dinifensa nyo po kami

At lalo lalo na

Binigyan nyo po kami ng magandang buhay.


For the loving memories of the late 

Miriam Defensor Santiago

And those who we loved of the dearly departed of 2016….

For your memory is immortalized


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