In your struggle we pray

Upon trials of life we pray

Children of light

May you preside over

Those who would nothing but to help

Those who would sacrifice everything to see things thru

Those who would give life to protect the innnonce of the world

Unto you mighty one

Unto you i cry

Unto you my dear heavenly supreme i ask nothing but to 

Protect the real sacrfice of men and women

Protect the world by loving us

Not to see the evil things that we have done to each other

Not to see the evil ways that we keep doing to each other

Not to see the evil ways that keep doing to our mother earth

I am a lonely soul trapped in the sea of tiamat

In which the leviatian is gaining ground

Crying not for vengeance

Not for pity

Not for the sympathy of my own,

But for those who cannot see their ways

Blinded by their own

May  your light shine upon the world be more brighter

May your word propogate more than ever

We seek guidance

We seek your love

That this world may be saved

For the generations to follow.


For tay Digong 

Sana po maging matatag kayo mabuti

At mabigyan po kayo ng magandang buhay


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