Once upon a day

It was a fifth of september

I quite remember

I wrote a piece

Of stars and astronomy

Of planetary systems

And gave it to the assesor

After all i was a freshman in 88

Then her look at the piece said once to me

“I love your work, but it was off the subject”

But those stars hounded me

All my life those stars gave me something to work around

While i ponder to wonder….

Star bright star bright.  .  .


Found out that first one was the last star of the war everynight til morning light that i and we look upon each night…

I wander why that piece was very evident in my life,

Now i know why mythology is the one who held me






Stars among gods and monsters

Stars among the demis and all the proto heroes of old,

Id like not to see you

Id like not be like you

But I would like to tell you one day to my flower

For she will be the one 

I imagine that will play among your skies

Whenever she may want to.



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