Behold and own

Art thou confused

Art thou aroused

In the confusion of yesterday?


Numbing mundane rots the hands

Numbing tasks that tires most

Endless verbal winds that pass

Into one and into other


Why then force the issue

What then to do 

Where do we all stand


Behold thine life
Take it

Break it

Till pills comes out the pharmacy

Then relapse into memory of the past

Re live

Re align



Now take your mind

Throw it

Now take the arms 

Flail it

Life becomes when theres none to give

Life becomes when there is no more to take


The tasks of life will be ours to make

Once we all own 

What needs to be

Where it should be

It will take you 

To the shores 

Of your eternal life

Where he is sipping a good martini

That got shaken in the process

He will welcome you and say

“Hello neighbor where have you been, come sit enjoy

Your life is about you”


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