Ahh sweet tapatio

Why of all days

I am  hungry

Without notice

Bank was brimming full of loads

Still cant run 

With no bus in sight

Car keys missing


Oh yah I have a twenty.

Ran past cuties

Ran past all the homies

When i got there 

Amigo was almost closing,

“Lengua super, please mi amigo burrito pleeeease?”

The amigo looked at me funny

I gave my twenty

Then he gave back how much

Dont want to even bother.

Got a cold cola, one honking big super duper lengua

Ahhh, killed it with four bites.

Uhmm dang,

Tonight i am king, 

Well it will be a slow walk home. Uhmm while i sip this cola and 

At least views upon waves of cuties behind me and in front.

Sweet sweet life.



Art by artsyshude 2015


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