This is my mask

Herakles is my muscle

Athena my tarnhelm

Odin will always be my Spear.

Yet when i am here with you nothing but a Romeo

Your face as Beatrice 

My life as of my cross 

To traverse all points gather.

Yet in time nothing but a traveler

An astronaut that flies around the sea of Tiamat

Yet somehow i see nothing but the tail of that Leviathan.

Of what Proportion must i take,

Do i have to storm your castle with my horse,

Or shall i take as Paris took Helen with Apollo at my side

Would it be prudent if i just 

Steal a kiss

And you to take my life 

As is.

Noh noh,

Sweet refrain 

As in ease to Nostradamus’ quatrain and be foretold

As to be a seer

Within and without nothing left unseen.

O mighty pen of Shakes please partakes this and shall be eaten

By the crows of time

As My Hugnin flies

My Mugnin shall remain with freki and greki that i feed daily.

Mighty Sleipnirr to me

Lets ride the day

And hunt for Skol and Hati to drive

Ragnarok Away.

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