Riddle me this

Why oh why

Did Beren die

When Luthien kept weeping as Melkor laughed.

No say it isn’t so

My good champion Hurin

Did a numenorian got you just like so,

Where is my Smaug when i need him,

But my eye Sauron did took

Frodo did sneak a finger,

My nine fingers showed fear After Angmar did speak.

Valar, Valar

Come forth in the lands of my Mordor

So i can see the gap of this Rohan erstwhile to the South

Of Isengard did my beard went

When Pippin does not make fun of Merry.
Alas that mirror 

My palantir

As this damned ring dost make my

Hobby re appear.
Helms deep.

The Two Towers by Tolkien

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