One road

The journey of me

Comes out 

From my birth

The birth of my spiritual death

Where basic life became out of neccesity

And my journey within came to be.

Where i can not see the sun is when i heard the moon cry

Westward to north from the south china sea

I was bred unto to the manifolds of the crib of intravenous life 

Out of that light of lights.

Luzviminda hailed one

As soon came after

A journey without the land where i hail out from.As to say and speak and hear that these walls that bind me to a

Hellish prison that become the halls of my fervor

But no favor from what life that gives me now

Only that i take that the weapons that i use

The fingers of this design

The mind that never sleeps

The brain that got fed everytime i go in the halls of my own


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