Dare to dream

Emotional warfare, Life, poetry

Days and nights upon a teary wide self preseved idea.

Where one strives for work

The other goes far to think

Decartes as his bible,

Ecclestias as his soul

Virgil as would be the guide

Never Dante

Coz his way is depressed.

His state of being and living

Emulating and imitatint sounds of a screeching cat

That nevet sleeps

A dragon has no fire

But kills it in each turn as his pen flies like a wind

Papers that has no end in sight

Yet have a tone of Poe

A smile of Plath, yearning with Twain at bay.

Dream a momentous life

Dream a concept of the idea

Dream to live as you dare to have it all

See the stars falling as you climb in to that mountain

Where no limit is the limit

Unlimited energy of the soul can be attained

Through the mind’s eye, the nose of your feet always be there

When it need, but wanting to dare

To dream

To have 

What i want, could not give

Only take the fates of my own character and move it to be a single step goal into the eternity of my body.
Sleep my dear sleep

Wait til ut hurts

Sleep my baby sleep

Dream of uncertainty 

While i guide you 

Where our life 

Would and as it should be.


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