Nothing on Nothung

Here i sheathe on my left

A noto on my right

The blades drawn out

But my words unspoken.

Bleed thy tanto

Cringe on the face of my Daito

As i draw from my right as my grip tightens on my punyal.

Then the barrage begins

As these are thrown

I am still speechless

Unknown to me missile darts

As shurikens rains upon

And volleys of this poison tips the balance,

Nowhere in sight are my words to be seen.

Silence is the one thing that eluded me

Broke my armaments

Broke the spine of every sword i took

Every weapon i used

Still your silence was the violent storm that shook me

Killed me

Murdered my soul

Left me for dead.


Where to go

What to do

When unspoken words cannot be drawn out

An unrequited love that never ceases to end

Of all weapons

Yours has more potency than my actions

Than my poses and of the stances

Yours is unbreakable and immortal

That sticks than any othet adhesive

One word or two or a syllable

A monologue or two

Words are yours not mine

The end of your tongue 

Begins in my head

Infighting by artsydhude 2016


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