Isle of dreams

Aside from my minds eye

To the depths of my ego

Inwards towards my id

To thus i claim not to awake,

Further i follow alice and her pet Robert

I take none of the pills but this purple velveteen abilify

So to speak i am fully in control

To see the dreams of their souls.


Why cant i see the eye

The storm of my life is constant and consistent

Enough to hold my life afloat

Among my hypnogogic state of being

My nightmares is as much common

Than my dreams of you,

Whereas my heaven or hell never became my reality

Only to ponder on the lingering rain of this REM

My RAM on anything only stores the momentous love

I hold

I cherish

I am to give stamina on my endurance is my strength

On anything i can pain on.


I awoke with a yawn

I got up in the sea of  mucus

I saw the horizon of the earth

Leveled it with my foot

One step at a time,

There i saw you

Ready for the day might bring.


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