Run, pt4

Novela, Science Fiction, Short stories, Speculative Fiction

“‘Troi isnt it’, ‘i am zadokian and they will come for you'”. Kent Kaperch heard the news today that the aliens calling themselves ‘Zadokians’ has landed. 

He knew what the world would led to, if the world would retailiate and make that move that the aliens wanted. For he himself watch Troi Ah te lek died 60 years ago on that table.

A stun vaporizer gun held by that alien, it took the weapon held it up from its own chin and took his own life. Kent knew nothing then about aliens and all that technology.
1948 November 5

“Acti nyoregi Troi”

“Ayhnn nect toi Hatpathi”

A booming loud noise as the positron magnetic discharge after Troi pressed the hop sequence, although he wanted to traveled to 1848 and witness the Zadokian empire first landing on Aldeberran. He made a crucial mistake of the digits, prior to pressing the activation sequence


Hop tech is almost complete at the year 2023 earth year, it was Kent Kaperch’s baby on timewarped wormhole. Now that all Aeuronautics have united to move on with the Mars Initiate Program.


Troi crash landed at unknown part of third earth. 90% of life support is drained and his vitals are waning to the last drop, figures came in and out of his hop vessel. He was lifted  and put on a stretcher. It took all his spiritual essense and took his own life with his vaporizer up to his chin saying in human common language “You people have no morals, let me die peace!!!” As Troi ah te lek slumped on the floor.


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