Post humously yours

In your days

You swore youd be st least be around

You said we’d always be with in essence

Your prescence is near


A passing wind

Fell upon a head

A head which no ache can be found



Wherever it rains

It pours

Tears beyond my sight

Sighs upon grief that should have been

Words upon that was not said

The do’s that wasnt done

A touch mesmerized by an eye that beholds your beauty

But here I am

I am alone here smiling and having tears of joy

I grieve upon the mistakes i have given you

I grieve upon the regrets that i had said and done to you

Those things i wanted to do now can not be done

Those things that should have been

Could have been

Would have been


I wont grieve


I wont cry

If i do

It be tears of joy

Coz in my mind

You will be at rest

A rest eternal far beyond 

Anything that the world has given you

When you were here.

Thank you and may your star shine happily

When you are

At that pearly gate

And sharing food drinks and a life of long lasting love

Upon this i cry

Of tears of joy

Of your passing.


Sa inyo aking mahal

Sa inyo para sa inyo

Etong tula na sobrang haba

Pinatawa nyo kami

Dinifensa nyo po kami

At lalo lalo na

Binigyan nyo po kami ng magandang buhay.


For the loving memories of the late 

Miriam Defensor Santiago

And those who we loved of the dearly departed of 2016….

For your memory is immortalized



In your struggle we pray

Upon trials of life we pray

Children of light

May you preside over

Those who would nothing but to help

Those who would sacrifice everything to see things thru

Those who would give life to protect the innnonce of the world

Unto you mighty one

Unto you i cry

Unto you my dear heavenly supreme i ask nothing but to 

Protect the real sacrfice of men and women

Protect the world by loving us

Not to see the evil things that we have done to each other

Not to see the evil ways that we keep doing to each other

Not to see the evil ways that keep doing to our mother earth

I am a lonely soul trapped in the sea of tiamat

In which the leviatian is gaining ground

Crying not for vengeance

Not for pity

Not for the sympathy of my own,

But for those who cannot see their ways

Blinded by their own

May  your light shine upon the world be more brighter

May your word propogate more than ever

We seek guidance

We seek your love

That this world may be saved

For the generations to follow.


For tay Digong 

Sana po maging matatag kayo mabuti

At mabigyan po kayo ng magandang buhay

Upon this Tolkien

If i ever see that Sam

I am going to shake his hand

Coz of the good work

Trimming that shrub of a mirkwood,

I could not find him so i looked near Prancing Pony,

There a ruckus was in riot

Couldnt get in, some dwarf was kicking everbody

Alas one of the Dunedain Rangers

Like Beren before broke the fight

Nonetheless a storm ensued and an elf arrow twanged

One bellowed

“Glorifindel is that you?”

The riot roared the fight was joined and renewed

Now one Beam got thrown in the mix

From the roof as if a storm of crows came bearing down

Like a mountain of rock and stone,

And a hail of nails come crashing as if Sauron was near

A shreik like as of those things that wail of wights, an undead

Scream pierced the fight.

Dead silence is her violence, as a barmaid coming out of shriek.

“I am no man to pick up a fight,

But if you people keep going

Then let it be known i will wail again and again until 

All of your ears bled”

All filed out like sevants of mordor and into the night the kept

The silence 

Their mouth shackled.

Lupang hinirang

Aking ina

Sana dingin mo ang aking talumpati

Sana ay iyong magandang imahen bumalik ulit

Ang yong mga diwata sila ay wala

Florante, Laura, Rizal, Bonifacio

Malakas at Maganda

Ang aking minamahal na Inang lupa

Kung may masabi lan po kayo sa kanila

Mag tulungan na lang,

Dahil ang mundo natin hirap na rin.


I left you

I came to you

Now your children squabble

Kill one another,

Lets put you back again

Coz i know you were once whole

My loving homeland


Roared dreams



Nun at ngayon

Ikaw pa rin

Ang binabalikan

Ikaw pa rin ang nadidinig

Nun gabing ikaw ang aking nadining

Isa pa akong mumos

Na walang alam sa isang bagay na hindi ko rin alam


Here be you

Here be there

You roared into being when i first read about

You roared into being when i drew you

You became my reality when i held you in pewter form.


Triumvirate by artsydhude 2015

Once upon a day

It was a fifth of september

I quite remember

I wrote a piece

Of stars and astronomy

Of planetary systems

And gave it to the assesor

After all i was a freshman in 88

Then her look at the piece said once to me

“I love your work, but it was off the subject”

But those stars hounded me

All my life those stars gave me something to work around

While i ponder to wonder….

Star bright star bright.  .  .


Found out that first one was the last star of the war everynight til morning light that i and we look upon each night…

I wander why that piece was very evident in my life,

Now i know why mythology is the one who held me






Stars among gods and monsters

Stars among the demis and all the proto heroes of old,

Id like not to see you

Id like not be like you

But I would like to tell you one day to my flower

For she will be the one 

I imagine that will play among your skies

Whenever she may want to.


Ahh sweet tapatio

Why of all days

I am  hungry

Without notice

Bank was brimming full of loads

Still cant run 

With no bus in sight

Car keys missing


Oh yah I have a twenty.

Ran past cuties

Ran past all the homies

When i got there 

Amigo was almost closing,

“Lengua super, please mi amigo burrito pleeeease?”

The amigo looked at me funny

I gave my twenty

Then he gave back how much

Dont want to even bother.

Got a cold cola, one honking big super duper lengua

Ahhh, killed it with four bites.

Uhmm dang,

Tonight i am king, 

Well it will be a slow walk home. Uhmm while i sip this cola and 

At least views upon waves of cuties behind me and in front.

Sweet sweet life.



Art by artsyshude 2015