At a lost

Left and right

My sight looking

Centered my bifocals

Still my vision blurs.

Take this limbs 

Push me 

Pull me,

Where’d i go just now.

My senses overruned, overwhelmed and under weight

With all this 

I am lost.


I am lost in the sea of news of nephilism,

Ahh sweet misery upon me as the news bury me


Bury me right now

As this feeling of dread where i tread to walk on fire

With the ground that keeps on rocking every foundation

Yes i am here

With no words

Speech juttering as news goes by

Murder, mayhem, utter shock, hypocrites, judgemental views

Ahh sweet sorrows of woe of now.

What more

So please dont bury me, just cinder me to ashes

Wake up 

As i pray unto and for us,

That may we may improve with each other.


Blacked out by artsydhude 2016


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