Dear love,

                     Why must you always come up when im alone. So it seems you are always at the tip of my tongue whenever my heart skips. Still as my belief that you are nothing but a four letter word, that makes up for human compassion caring and sharing.

I don’t know why men and women alike have no distinct re wording for you. I mean you cant say “i lust you” or at least make a difference reprhasing of love and lust. So please let me end you, i want you but id rather have that spiritual love around me, than your physical manisfestations. 

So here we are, at a road where that lust is just a passing wind and your ever prescence is always there. Let me understand your deepest meaning. So at least id make sure im not confused what it really means to love, be loved and to have loved.



Adventures in amber 2014 by artsydhude


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