Remember the time

As you were

On the other line

I tried

Nonetheless my heart skipped

My voice tripped

My life pounced like hobbes

On you like a mad dog that wanted the bone that it needed.

That year i left my heart, life in Newark and tried

Love was afoot

I remember you as you were.

My one regret was loving you 

My one mistake was giving everything

But to my life now

I am very pleased and grateful becuz you loved me

As i was 

I loved you as ever

That was then

It is now

One true love that i love most

Is to accept and love myself as i loved you.


So it is a memory

But a very good one

Becuz somebody loved me

As i was

Still am

And would never be the same with or without you.

For you will be the one who loved me as i have become.


Inside cave@2008 by artsydhude

JJH @97 to 03.ใ€Šโ™กใ€‹


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