“Run as fast as you can, they are coming.”,Ryan kept chanting

“Hate this!!”,JP shouted

“Are there no more hills to run to?”,Brice asked rhetorically.

“As if, please keep running!”, Steph ran the past the boys.

The four figure ran into he clearing then stopped.

Panting and trying to get calmed and at least composed, Ryan saw four massive motherships and with a tentacled claws it shown an eye of a massive proportions.

“I remember two of my uncles kept re telling that 1950’s radio show, War…” a gasp an awe came from the four as one of the motherships transformed into an organic techmech. 

From the base of the mothership came forth eight limbs, from the eight two of it was hard as concrete, the four bulged as an even torso as hard as muscle like an olympian and the last formed a frame up on the  top of the ship in a form of a face.

A face that shocked the four and shook the ground as hard it can. The four got propolled into the air as rag dolls. Ryan and Brice hit the ground and doa’d on impact. The others heavily injured and staggered.

It looked to the sky and lit a spread of beam as light passed through the clear dusk sky of Nebraska.
TBC《《《⊙ @ohmz 16.


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