The one who sold time. 5:15

Bystander: hey buddy what time is it?

Pedestrian: Hold on, let me get my phone. Its 5:10pm

Bystander: wanna be rich?

Pedestrian: Not now, im late for dinner.

As the pedestrian moved on, the bystander veered off the left and into the overlay of bushes going to the park.

“Vouragh kuroagh ashta veneshi kutro”

A dimmer glow afar opened, ripples of luminescent light circled just about 15 inches from the ground


At around 6:15 at September 19 of 3069, a lone figure kept drilling an open air and credits kept pouring out of thin air. It had pumped almost pentillion creds and there was no one to give this monetary value. So how to sell or even pitch to someone who would have no more troubles for money.

《《⊙  to be continued   <<¿¡¿
Vol 1: timeless tales, eps 1.p1


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