The message

All of you

My dear brethren and sisters of Poesie

I am in debt of your love



Vindictive word phrases and statement upon sentences

You are without mercy

Of the love of the word

What is thine word


The word of the fruit that we bare together

The words comes out of every finger

Thine holy is your heart

Thine halls of your mind

With all that i thought

Cherish it

Give it



Now spread it like a

Disease to conquer pestilence

Now share it like a bullet

To penetrate wars beyond end

Give it as a food 

So it will stop famine

Live it

So any death from it will end suffering



6 thoughts on “The message

    1. Actually this piece is much dedicated to you my Lady Palmer. You inspire me mostly, your influential words from last year do give me the fuel. You picked me up by the shades of my own, told me once you needed companionship in the shade. I am grateful of you. Thank you.

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