In the day of my quest

I have my wits

My wrist upon mine weapons

This shield of mine is as big as my ego

The sword i take is like my id

These links upon my armor is my structure

Yet upon any beast or any of he sort are my demons

I need and want to slay

Day after day unto night of each month to my years

They will gnaw bite kill despite all my

Desperation, dissapointments 

My failures will be the best of me

And rather to keep hope by my side

She will let me fly

When i take my Tarnhelm

And love her till the day I die.
The mask of my love is to myself and someone far more

Greater idea than itself,

The idea of love beyond every convergence of life death love

It is that which feeds this

Masque of mine,

Never it will be faded not winded.

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