Lovingly yours

Followed you down just like that

Yet when you cornered me

I didnt clawed my way up

The only thing i did was

Love you

Gave you

Mad3 you

To see what you wanted needed and mostly

I took what risk 

In that i ante

I saw the jackpot within.

Now i am reeling in the rewards of being a fool

A lovemad lovestruck and one insane fool

Who keeps the love alive

And how many times afloat i take and without condition

This love no matter

How unrequited

How yearned for the touch

I will give unto thee

As juliet wanted nothing but your attention

As isolde needed nothing but he affection

Yea unto me he lavishes of women inside me,

Claimed this heartfelt buffoon to love you more and will keep

Doing so

To make you mine time after time


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