Blank noise

Yes i am alone

Within these four walls of my head

          This head that spins when tones of shouts


                      The yelling

                               Cursing on top of my cranium.

It wont stop

It cant stop

               Coz i am not alone in my mesiry.


Now i know that i am alone 

          Coz i can hear myself screaming inside

                All my molecules shouting

                   My neutrons are mingled with my inner static

                       Can you hear them

                             Maiming, accusing and wont let up


Really now i am alone

          Somebody put me on a chair

              Catatonic in a comatose situation

                 I am left with nothing but myself.

Rebirth by artsydhude

This piece goes is dedicated and a tribute to all who has schizoprenia.


I want to believe

Yet there is nothing more to believe

What would you say if i said would you, could you, how dare you

Do you want to see,

Care to touch what i feel and see,

Still you are doubters,haters, loathing and feeling

But not believing.


Then how do you?

Do you really have to,

Do you really need to,

Why cant you,

If you cant give that to yourself, then why ask it, why bother?


How then can you,

So you make it up, give meaning to it

Then it then be a purpose to your meaning

In the end it will be your justifications.

Now you have made yourself your own king or queen

On your own dominion

Making monsters out of your own dragons and demons

And saving them with your own angels.


Then it is your own myth

Can you believe you done it yourself,

Or was it just another belief becuz

You cant even believe in the first place

At a lost

Left and right

My sight looking

Centered my bifocals

Still my vision blurs.

Take this limbs 

Push me 

Pull me,

Where’d i go just now.

My senses overruned, overwhelmed and under weight

With all this 

I am lost.


I am lost in the sea of news of nephilism,

Ahh sweet misery upon me as the news bury me


Bury me right now

As this feeling of dread where i tread to walk on fire

With the ground that keeps on rocking every foundation

Yes i am here

With no words

Speech juttering as news goes by

Murder, mayhem, utter shock, hypocrites, judgemental views

Ahh sweet sorrows of woe of now.

What more

So please dont bury me, just cinder me to ashes

Wake up 

As i pray unto and for us,

That may we may improve with each other.


Blacked out by artsydhude 2016

Petty differ3nces

This ugliness is so pretty for me

Coz i know my ugly is better than your pretty

And my perfection is nothing but your imperfection.

I want to come home to my ugliness

I want it to be my home

Coz in want nothing in return

So go ahead blame, shame and maim me

In front of everything

So you can be pretty.


Falling down

Each time i step

I am further 

In this puddle

It took me by suprise.

As i slid

My foot had its own mind

Took me to new heights of falling down.

Falling apart now

Now that the ground welcome my soul

This firm earth consoles me

Nourishes my body

As rain pours down on my life

I winked at the sky

The rain let up

A dim light peered and peeked at me

My foot no longer swelled

Got back up and headed


Run. Pt3

“They are bluffing” Gen. Braddock intentionally browbeated the current president.

“You think? Did you look over at the vid that was captured in this footage?” Fumed the president of U.S.A

“Sir i admit that these are stange times, but this could be a front for something else.”

“Shuddup Braddock, for national and international security for the love your money, shut up.”

Braddock gritted his teeth and wanted nothing but this answer, infuriated him to the max.

“And please dont slam the door on your way out.”

Ah te’ lek wanted nothing but to reclaim once was his lonestar wayward son. It has been eons since his son used and played with the hopper shuttle. The hopper shuttle was to give them access to he new breed of fuel, wormholes. In the wormholes while using the hopper, it was to prick the space time continuum for a megasecond then it would use its negative repulsor so it would not affect time itself. But his son wanted to use this to prove to his father, that using the tech only to play around the galaxy.

 In 1948 earth time, Troi Ah te’ lek used the positive charge instead of negative to hop from alpha centauri.  With the positive charge, from the year 5050 earth time to 1948, the hopper went to the past. Those years reigned alien tech from 1950 and onwards. 

“Grah nikae shaae brahmasik”, barked Ah te’ lek to a radio tech com officer.

“Are you ready to invade, and plunder earth for the taking?”

A brahmin grey appeared in the monitor.

“Zhay zgir zureh Ah te’ lek?”, Braghur smirked.

“When the time has come, then i will plunder my share of that wretched planet. Let your underling locate Troi first, so we know if the hopper has been breached or not.”, Braghur secured a grin and questinable eye to Ah te’ lek.

“I see your point, now we have to wait, if these insignificant disobedient men of earth can even dare to invade our space.”

“The supreme said once to us grey men of third earth, ‘Hail them as children that does not even listen to a father who loves them very dearly. And if you dare do a genocide on them, evidently i will hear of it. Be gentle with them, i asked only for your race to help them with agricultural advances. If i hear any other things that you will do, eventually your terms of visits will be very limited.”, Braghur lowered his third eye.

“These children of earth neve cease to amaze me.” Ah te’lek dimmed he monitor.

“Once the confirmation is complete, there would be no one to stop us.”

Both smiled and curled their uneven lips.


arstydhude ’11-16 @ image