As brown as my bo,

My hands are naked without you.

Still gripping this coiled hands without a gnarled root

I take it as it is



My fingers without nothing to hold,

My eyes slithers like i have something but its blurry

Without nothing to mold.

My kata at the side of my jodan no kamae,

Hands shaking

Fingers all torn up from punching without no arnis

Not even two balsa sticks to practice and weave from and to.





Damned life if no weapon,

That then i shall become my own tool

To be my own weapon


I take theae hands 

Leaving nothing behind

Only  training within

To let the learning

I must begin

At my stance

At my core

Defy myself

Unlearn what i have never learned.


Humility of my own

Dignified at my agenda

Pride thrown in the ground

Where i begin

My training follows.

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