Need you

Id rather do it with you,

Than these people who keeps me on my knees.

Id rather spend it with you,

All the way watching pure movies with nonsense.

Id rather be with you,

Than watch all these geezers shout, yell and complain.

Being with you,

Tells me im human and need of ears to listen.

Being with you,

Tells me i need to shut it at times of my silence.


Now it seems this love

Or hate

Would never be the same;

Coz you have seduced my life with my frame

Coz you made my life incomplete without regret or remorse.

It would seem id hate to love you

That this wanting and needing of love and hate at the same

Makes me more sane than stable.

Id rather think im immovable but for the love of your voice




Shouting my name

Yelling to the point of no return,

Really makes my day complete

And my night to be the same as previous ones.


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