A year like no other

Sijo Lee paved the life i wanted my future to be in

Jrrt made it possible so i can see he work of a naturalist.

The year my own parental units, concieved planned

And gave birth to a child

Who need nothing from them but their influences, inspiration

Nothing else would have mattered

Affection attention

Its not what i really wanted

But inspiration from him was given

Through the love of reading and drawing upon this source

Resourcefullness was the gift.

Her memory, teachings was an imprint

The way she has given me

Was without no love but of life itself, through a book

That will, would and still give me life beyond through it all.


Life without pain is no life at all

If i were born without it

I should have never survived.

Blue, astigmatism,underbites, psychotrophic diagnosis’

Hey why should i bother

Its me

It is what i have become

Not became.


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