These cadmium sunset


Here on ebony road of my own

I see nothing but cobalt drips of my face

Auburn burnt umber poles fills up the backdrop

Aah the soft glow of pale sun sweats upon this brow

As i traverse all on these intersections of land

I hear the sweet melodies of automations

Miserable shouts

Painful abstracted artificial illuminations

This i see

A face like no other,

You made it possible

Life beyond reason

For you i came about the holy land

Your illuminated face

Your auric glow

You made me travel

Where i dare not to follow nor tread

So be it

Life became us

Love was whole

Laughter never ended

Where pain started

Its where once we wanted

All is what we need

Sometimes we care not dared to step

I step now on hallowed ground of our siena flooring

Grey steel ceiling

Checkered pattern where food spills and drools

Aah sweet scent of pampers left and right

Is this mine own

Or have i traveled where i once only knew what it means to be.


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