The dreaming

Sleep my darling


Dont creep

Dont yell 

Sleep my beauty sleep


As i get up from a battered bed

A clanky jumped on and so mish mash of dirt and grime

I awoke to find another dream in my face

I saw you

You told me

“You are the best,

You still are

Your skills ar3 unmatched of being a father.

As we kiss touch 

I awake on the floor dreaming i am in heaven with you

Yet with your angelic dreams

I fly as your equal not


Nor objectified

Given and took

As i am 


Hypnogogia hit me hard as my tension headache came with a pang

Ahhh sweet bitter sorrows of lucidity

Damn how i wish you are here now 

Nurse me

Feed me

Love me

As i want you for me to give what i got for you and lil flower


Pool of sweet sweat,

Veins rushing by and seeing nothing but

The reality here

Beside me

One cell phone

One samsung tablet

And feeling that i had 12 hours of sleep over.



Ribtickling, Spheriod, Awakening of stones 

Circa 2010


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