Life, philosophy, poetry

Take it in

Use it.
Then rely on what you have been given

The syntax of your skills can begin

See what can be done

Hear the things that doesnt

Feel the rage use it till its gone

Then focus the taste of your own nike

Concentrate the beating of the blood fuel

Here lies your structure.
Take it

Use it

Trash it.
Then begin to unlearn all of it.

Deny it coz its there

Claim it like no other

Read as if no book can print it

Write it when there is no paper

Then own it

As one owns one soul
Rely upon it

Dont think

Go back.
Remember all lessons

Remember every hurt, pain and misery

Use it to the maximum effect

Then understand

Why we all are human.

The gods of old and new knew it, cheated it, used it

Because if you dont

You will be stuck throughout

Forever with Sigyn waiting for the time

To unleash what hell 

What Loki can give at your twilight.
Now take it, use it, become the one you can be,
You are your own




Go now while there is time,

Take sliepnirr and run as time can

Dont let Fafnir fly or 3lse

Siegfried will let Brunhilde loose upon your noose.


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