Oh you

I swim into my sea

My deep cobalt sea

Of the ones i know

As in depths of my soul

Ther3 sits an inverted mountain

A mountain of my innat3 insanity

A dream of nightmares that cannot wake

Of hypnogogic state of living

A zombie of my d3ad brain that wants nothing of
I climbed that inverted mountain and saw sissyphus

Only his struggle and salvation is my answer

To my own consequence and circumstance.

I asked

He smirked

I help

He dont want.
I am nothing like him but he used to be me,

A struggler of life, lover of pain

A condition us humans adhere to our own

No matter what color 

Doesnt matter the belief,

That pain is natural and the more it cuts

It deepens

It reopens

Bleeding, rotting festering

When do stop

While we keep walking.


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