Wha really sheesh

Cant see it

Cant you see it

No please

I cant feel it

What the hell is it.


Then wtf is it

Dunno i know its there

Please stfu

Im not gonna lol u

Rofling now coz u cant it deny it

Wtf is “it”.


I know it now

It came to me once

Then i lost it

Just like that


What is it then.

Its here

Its gonna end it.

The Mercenary by artsydhude 2009


Inner sanities

Have u not seen the world today

Have you even bothered to look beyond reason

Can you ever see the facts

Through so much opinions,


What is wrong with me.

Why blame all these when i cannot rid of my own hypocratic life.

In my own 

I am sinner through it all

Killed my own ego

Just to show 

Im better than anyone 3lse.
Yet there is one to say to me that i am wrong

And all the blame should stop.

That all should just stop, rest and listen.
If change is to ever happen, one cannot hope

One cannot assume to presume…


Get up

Stand up




To me

Bring forth Stormbringer and seducer of life.

So i maybe destroyed within

And live without

Jormundgand please tell ratatosk to tell me

Its time

That i need to my penance for myself only

And that Zeus to bring down the rain which he needs 

In the days ahead we are to be cleansed seperately

Convincing each and one of us,

We need a hard spank

For lessons of old 

Are here

And will always be


Oh have you been here all along



And saw me here

Crying nonstop.

I loved how you consoled me through your 

Consorted wings.

Protected me where i needed.

Loved me where no one can

Understood what i have gone through and still going through.

Oh mighty wings in hues of vermillion

I saw nothing but the rays of your light and love.

I dont want no healing nor to be away from these pains,

Yet i am influenced by you

Your compassion

That i am loved by you

With your brother Jc and almighty Dad J.

I am full, i am given,

Please i ask nothing but to be

Forgiven and learn to forgive 

By giving and taking forgiveness to everyone.

Mighty wings artsydhude 2009


One of you came

And loved me the same

Still shown me what real love is

Dared to compare

Rico, ariston and who ever laid their eyes on me.

Buy with you,

It will never be the same.

I took your hand over mine

Used every sanity and else in between.

Now forever mine

I hold true

I am always will be


To take

To brake

To make


Love me as i want you to.

Its never enough to say such words…

I will always say it to you

No matter the cost

I …. …


MEVM @Innogen reception 2009

Personal collection


A year like no other

Sijo Lee paved the life i wanted my future to be in

Jrrt made it possible so i can see he work of a naturalist.

The year my own parental units, concieved planned

And gave birth to a child

Who need nothing from them but their influences, inspiration

Nothing else would have mattered

Affection attention

Its not what i really wanted

But inspiration from him was given

Through the love of reading and drawing upon this source

Resourcefullness was the gift.

Her memory, teachings was an imprint

The way she has given me

Was without no love but of life itself, through a book

That will, would and still give me life beyond through it all.


Life without pain is no life at all

If i were born without it

I should have never survived.

Blue, astigmatism,underbites, psychotrophic diagnosis’

Hey why should i bother

Its me

It is what i have become

Not became.

In your image

Once was

Never again.

Still the same

Before the demise.

The son sacrifices everything

Still the stubborn one

Conflicting on nothing 

But your own perspective


Once were

Now again

Precept of your future

Saw it

Didnt ignore nor be innocent of it.

Still stubborn as your mother

Who died for nothing

Now bluntly weaving

Lighted sticks which 

Someone wants life from it.


Now at the height of your posthomous fame

One son 

Kept your name 

Saw your influence

Kept inspired by the beeps of one the same

Tell me anakin,

Have you betrayed yourself?

Or have you set Luke for his own pre destined fate under

Your image.

In memoriam

@Lucasfilm trademark under Disney Entertainment 


As brown as my bo,

My hands are naked without you.

Still gripping this coiled hands without a gnarled root

I take it as it is



My fingers without nothing to hold,

My eyes slithers like i have something but its blurry

Without nothing to mold.

My kata at the side of my jodan no kamae,

Hands shaking

Fingers all torn up from punching without no arnis

Not even two balsa sticks to practice and weave from and to.





Damned life if no weapon,

That then i shall become my own tool

To be my own weapon


I take theae hands 

Leaving nothing behind

Only  training within

To let the learning

I must begin

At my stance

At my core

Defy myself

Unlearn what i have never learned.


Humility of my own

Dignified at my agenda

Pride thrown in the ground

Where i begin

My training follows.

Need you

Id rather do it with you,

Than these people who keeps me on my knees.

Id rather spend it with you,

All the way watching pure movies with nonsense.

Id rather be with you,

Than watch all these geezers shout, yell and complain.

Being with you,

Tells me im human and need of ears to listen.

Being with you,

Tells me i need to shut it at times of my silence.


Now it seems this love

Or hate

Would never be the same;

Coz you have seduced my life with my frame

Coz you made my life incomplete without regret or remorse.

It would seem id hate to love you

That this wanting and needing of love and hate at the same

Makes me more sane than stable.

Id rather think im immovable but for the love of your voice




Shouting my name

Yelling to the point of no return,

Really makes my day complete

And my night to be the same as previous ones.


Razor sharp


As my claws dig in

Lashing tails



These are mine.

Spreading my freedom

The wingspan of greatness

I am fully capable

I will disable your capacity of your



Menacing your lights

To blot out your source

My source is you

What you think is mine and mine alone

What you hoard i will take

So please bring for your gold




Your pride

Go ahead try and slay me

For if you do

You only slay yourself


Remember as i bellow

I will see you run, ya yellow 

livered appetizer

Consuming not just your external

I will kill you internal

As i am not the one

You will be

Corruption is my heart

Illusion my eyes

So please 

Go ahead make mine yours.