My ears bleed
As you near me.
Beside me
I cry coz my head
Enjoys your company.

You are belief
You are my impossibility.

Dar3 to say
That i hav3
Seen your w4y.

Inasmuch i want to
I do not want your wings
Not to be that way.
I need my will
I want my way
In doing so,
You are my equal as much as he wanted us to be.

Never discriminating
Nor to be prejudiced
And not to be judgemental

Coz we have no right
For each other.

I love your prescence
With his essence,
Need i say more
Dare not to need and want more
In that path we both tread
In the light of night
As the darkness of my days.

Stay with me
As i would like to fly with you
Believe that i can be
As i would to you.


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