These eyes never amuse me anymore

Coz in the view of things

Publicized, and privatized.

These eyes liked to be shewn shut,

For sleep is my only escape from it all

All that happens now and tommorow.
Worry not, be happy is a optimistical way

Id rather be passive coz in our nephilistic world,

One must be diligent and vigilant of our own ways

Because if not

Scrutiny, mockery and discriminate 

Of the things we do otherwise.
These eyes cant see anymore

For i have seen my life

Gone and pass by

As the honeydew of all bubble in the world today.

I will wait for another Goliath to be toppled down,

Nephalem, you are one with them

Now we scatter as Lilliputans.



Unopened ears, teary eyed

Waking slowly from a upstarted dream.

I see the bleakness of the night, into the light of the dark.

Nothing but a fitfull convulsion of this nose

Into the streaming aqua i douse my head.
I take in the cold dreary air of morning

I awake slowly and hear the sounds of my own.

Awake thine heart

Tense me not for i harkened senses

All those given now taken,

Awake thine eyes


The mark

It was mid october to november of last year, those days were the pinnacle and the worst depressive year all of my life i have known since my diagnosis when i was in high school.


My mind was fettered, festered my drawing arm was at its numbness. I couldnt draw anything out of my mind. I have lost hope on what it means to have hope. Then i re adjusted when i saw wordpress.


I was a wee bit at age of 23 and i started dabbling in poetry, mainly to gain momentum on my psyche and to get chicks. For the love of mythology came with poetry, its as if Hugin and Munnin were at my side and just being there.


Although after which i have lost the ways of being a poesie back those years, wordpress gave me that part of my insanity back. Then i never look back. Using old and new artworks with the poetry and prose on subjects that comes alive in my head. One thing remains, my sweet sweet audience here in wordpress. I wouldnt be here without you guys. Miladies and good sirs, i bow down to you “I am not worthy”. I am merely passing by and becoming what my mind can throw at the realm of wordpress. Thank you, thank you and thank you  very much. U really like me.