Here lies the dark

The light coming inwards
As i awake from and into.

As my night begins so does my day ends
With my sun as my moon so does the moon as is my sun.

When then am i sleeping, is it night or day or the other way?
How do i sleep when my skoll is at its height, so does hati can be free?


Valerian 2009 ohmz




Does time make one numb
From all of it.

What does it need from me
How can i
Be alive,
When all from it
Wants nothing more
Just to make me dead.

A walker
Hollowed halls of my heart
That keeps me
Buried inside.

I do not rot nor
Want a brain,
I do not fester
Nor to drain another
Of their vitals
Vials of the sort.

I am human
Wanted and needed to be alive
Yet i am dead not from the inside
Nor outside,
Where then?

Ask me when i feel Alive.



Dilation 09,ohmz



Reign over me
Rule over myself
Admiration and dedication
I give you.

Heightened my spirit
Devout in my self
You are the one who gave me

Strong you are
Persistence is your voice
Determination your motivation
Giving me myself.

In honor and tribute to the strong women out there.
For without Joan of Arc, your spirit is always within.

Google image bank.

Cut over splinters


Drawing this
I cut over you.

Bluntly spading my stick
I suppress blood
Does nothing but
To clot.

Which one to use
Over and under.

Or must i make chimera
Between flesh,splinters and edges
Beneath in between each other.

Either way i win or lose,
Do i tempt myself to win
Or accept losing to myself.



You are.

To them.

Of all.

Quick on tempered steel
Bashing not just flesh,
Words simplified.

Yes we are
Puny Humans,
Yes we are
Petty humans,
Know not the real rage
The real emotion,
Focused only what is want not need
Concentrated only on circumstance nor its consequence.

You are
I like it for a second, not for a lifetime.

Incredible Hulk. Stan Lee. Marvel comics.
Disney entertainment. All rights reserved.

Seat at the edge


These weeds uproot themselves
From the capillaries to the branches
For Manwe didnt design it
Nor any Illuvatar beings that came before it
The ones who has done so started on a single bound of thought and will.

The will that dominates of Good natured soul
The bound of thoughts of comradry
The thought of good companionship
And inklings of friends that was there.

So Kortirion must be nearby at this hour
Where the play at the cottage has been cast
Then i see the trickster following
Not only to decieve
But the will to give
The challenges that will be met by all
Lest it be the minions of Cirith ungol to Isengard
Just be wary of Grishnack
And not be late as Gandallf would be.

To you my dear sir,
I ask nothing but a good blessing of your inks,
Tinkerings upon weaving
Dwarfing me as one of your buds upon Hirilorn eyes.

Fangorn, JRRTOLKIEN Masterpieces.


All rights reserved and trademarks thereof Tolkien estate

The one who follows


To be an elizabethan geek
Is to be his disciple of all quatrains
An nostradamic refrain.

To be like bookworm of psych
Is a pupil of jung,lee and the core essence
Of descartian frontal eccliastitian.

Id rather be the fingers of Plath,
Be the motivator of Poe
And lover of dickinson
Coz depression
Has nothing on me.

Only an owl
The one who got lost in the head of Athena
The one wondered in the halls of Angband,

Where would i be,
Without you
My own
My dearies.

My night is my day and vice versa to be, always.

Malice and Cruelty, 2010. Ohmz

In it Again


Above water
Under ground
I am the middle terran
Nowhere to go but here to stand on this bare earth.

One is older
The other younger
Opposing factor is experience
Another youth,

Then why am i here for…
Runner of things
Id go in circles til
My steam is way too much
Or be off the ground and fly
Boundless and limitless.

Ahh sweet chains
The ball that which makes me grounds
To all outlets of mine

Stuck in
Sticking in again.

Which side do i give in, or be the joke in the middle.


Upon leaving my head
I use my own solitude
To veer off my theory.


You leaving me for the moment
Means a lot to me,
While i play my part
It does break me
When i dont see you.

I love you,
You mean so much to me
I havent seen that in ages
Can you ever see
The way i really wanted you to.


Time has been our friend
Yet a feeling of goodness
A momentous occassion
Is upon us three.
I dare not jinx it

I want,need and would be more
Content now
More than ever.

Coz baby
I love you.

Dedicated to my own and one only, wife.