Direct the flow
When the cup is broken.

Redirect the flow
After the pitcher grows.

Crash the know
Then drink in what needs to be.


Othinal Thurizdae


As i helm my face today
I am tarnhelm.

Wander to wonder all the musings
I step on greki as freki assist me with my Sleipnirr.

Of all hammer, rings and mine eyes that i bled
My runic writings are stained
With music
My art
And my blade.

Transfigure to transmute,
Ahh sweet transformations
As myself bind myself
To the poison rock which
Walks towards



Once strangers bound by one
Through days
Acquaintance became a bond between teacher and pupil
Liege and knight

Love came between a form of kinship
Even lovers of the sabre.
Their intensity is their heat in blaster
And hatred between.

One in jealousy of mastery
The other held back

Before the fall
After the winds of change
Absolute pride of self came
The other passive

Only in self sacrifices
Redemption through the force of one
One hope
One life
One to look after the twin suns


According to my mind
Nothing seems to jar,
Only progress of too many
Choices that are not mine.

This life not my own
But i still keep
All that is.

Then how do i live
Not my own responsibility
Only to survive
What should be.

Darkened nights only
To be lived under the rule of day.


Dyztrac mhe. 16 ohmz

Of the floor

Fall mighty beast
Fall relics of old
Fell out of my own sin

Down the rabbithole with alice again
Rushed and ran around with the hatter
As i got the be the headless with the queen

Dont dare to see the fault
Dont run away from
Then why am i still here.

Admit defeat
I win as i lose
Coz i know i lived it
Seen it
Been it.


Bridge 09, ohmz


Here lies the dark

The light coming inwards
As i awake from and into.

As my night begins so does my day ends
With my sun as my moon so does the moon as is my sun.

When then am i sleeping, is it night or day or the other way?
How do i sleep when my skoll is at its height, so does hati can be free?


Valerian 2009 ohmz