Othinal Thurizdae

As i helm my face today I am tarnhelm. Wander to wonder all the musings I step on greki as freki assist me with my Sleipnirr. Of all hammer, rings and mine eyes that i bled My runic writings are stained With music My art And my blade. Transfigure to transmute, Ahh sweet transformations As myself bind myself To the poison rock which Walks towards Day Dusk Eve Dawn. Continue reading Othinal Thurizdae


Once strangers bound by one Through days Acquaintance became a bond between teacher and pupil Liege and knight Love came between a form of kinship Brotherhood Even lovers of the sabre. Their intensity is their heat in blaster And hatred between. One in jealousy of mastery The other held back Before the fall After the winds of change Absolute pride of self came The other passive Only in self sacrifices Redemption through the force of one One hope One life One to look after the twin suns Of Tatooine… Continue reading Brethren