Dig Dug Cramps


Back attack circa 2014
All rights reserved Xenosoft.

There was a time i was influenced by comics in general. Independents, Marvel and DC.
It was 1983. I was a mere 10 year old youngling. At this age guys and girls are riped for influencial years of rites of passage. 10 year old, my dad just came back home real quick from California. Dumped a big pile of mess of Comics. For my older brother was busy with his studies and friends. My kid bro doesnt have time anything else but to play and friends. I was stuck reading comics. Influenced and so much inspired, i started to redraw each and everything i could. Still its a blast back issue #10yo. At dec 1982. Still a memory can be as fresh as like that when emotion is very associated and attached instilled on your episodic memories.
                        Independents, DC and mostly Marvel comics those years had very good content. It was that time my mind was a ripe age for influence and inspiration. Until this day i can smell the dampness and stillborn pages of comics. For the love of reading was instilled by my father. That i will always be indebt from him. Sometimes children needs to know the goodness can overcompensate of all things from their parents.  For what its worth, id like to give influence to those who would at least sort things from their parents. For without their guidelines from their own, we are only but children without pater/maternal consorts and love.
                      My dad knew i loved comics from the start, yet its the love of reading that came out of it. From reading alone is a real stand alone power we can and will ever will.
I give you guys this piece as a reminder, that no matter choice or decisions in life. We are connected through any forms of… Communications. Reading,watching,writing,drawing are the avenues in which compasses the power of human output in which St. Gabriel endowed us(an angel of communications in dreams and literal communications are derived out of context in any media) the input from him/her.
                      It is i, the one who loves reading,drawing and yes writing, will honor my fathers career as a pressman, from his tenure from Philippine Islands to here in California. From him  I will hold dear what the printed word of Comics and other forms will be that came, and has become of the printed word.

Xenosoft, marks thereof 0hmz circa 1989.


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