The legacy of multiplicity


Strong you are in deception
Strong you are in multiplicity

A coin
A blade

Sides you are
Faceted you are

Must is a weapon
Want is a tool
Need from your Greed

Sidous in check
Palpatine at the side
Murderer of hearts

First the young
Then the old
All walkers of the star
Are not meant to be
In league, yes
In battle, yes
In sorrow,yes

You are nothing but cloned to your face
Torn apart but duality of your skin
Nevermore after the Zahnic libris
Nevermore by Kasdanic saga
Yes to Lucasix, His and him alone you belong.


For the memory and tribute to the great Count Dooku, Christopher Lee.


Interruption to intercept


Ones own fulcrum can be accepted and denied
Its a section of all arts to be in offense at and for defense.

The opponent cannot be when interupt without intention
Nor the protagonist becomes the antagonist

In pure defense, use guile and intercept by


Not at the weakest point
Not at the tip of tongue

By silence and congruet
Concrete ignoring the fight.

For the best optimum fighting
Is how to intercept and not fighting
Without ones cause purely
For the sake of insanity
From which violence dictates
And evident to become what not you are.
Know you are far more better
Than the other.

Oh bo!


Restarted to read the news today
Belly full of gluttonious heartaches,headaches
Cramping on the wallet
Yeck, too much loaded on sorrow
Thats what i get when i read and ate at the same time

News is news anyway,
What is bad is always good to know
What past is just something to blame
Someone to shame,

Ahhh humanity of it all.

Those eyes


Within those eyes
You see me and your maternal influence

With what fingers you have grown
You mold and hold my concept of what is
True love beyond
My understanding
My comprehension
Of unconditional love.

I know from my own past
One cannot be truly sorry
When no one dared to listen
No one wanted to
Never bothered

Only you
My darling
Only you
My flower

Brass knuckle


Focus, concentration, and mind blowing cool attitude is he back bone of every martial artist.
Dignity, mind numbing precision and hardened fist are the structure of every technique of a practioner.

Bruce Lee exemplified
Gichin Funakoshi structured
Miyamoto Musashi led
Lapu Lapu applied

All men still use the art
All women abide by he defense
Children of sorts makes it cool by using it their way

In matter way or form,
It is
It will
And always be here at the beginning
And the cycle of things
For time may evolve it
Into another form
Into another way.

Iron fist. Marvel comics are marks thereof. All rights reserved Disney Media.
Circa 2015 fanart by ohmz.

In your webbed arms


In this cave of webbed tunnels
I am nothing but a dimmed warrior
Wanting fame
Not glory
Not power
Nor its seeds

I am only cultured with my gladius, twine and spearheaded brain.
I am armed on my glaive, gloves and my edge of my toes.

Expecting monstrous shades of the walls of stalagtites,
Humungous shadow darkness of stalactites.

As i creep in
I hear nothing but my eyes dropping
As i see
Hope of infamous immortality when i come out of this webbed monstrocity of an adversary

Arakne 2009 circa omz



Playing as a guardian is nothing more but a hired security. Thats what Oliver Queen plays in all his incarnations from the point of origin to the last resurfacing in the small screen.

Yet a guardian is always the one who takes the mantle to the point where there is a boundary. Once that is set, limitations are as much more than a line from and to.

“Us small guys…” a line from Justice League unlimited from the character itself to the six that was soon to be 7th, coz they needed Queen’s influence at the “small time heroes”.

With Queen as the 7th and last League founding member, he i s the limitation of what human conscience to keep them with what humanity left in them.

The Executioner



Frank Castle…

Was dead on arrival before and after his family died.

No matter what version of perpective or version that writers and artists put his case file. His own life undertook before simple life becomes. Come on service life comes with a price. We all knew it before we all sign that dotted line. Still Castle’s life after the incident is nothing but a victim of curcumstance.

After that comes nothing but precision technical skill in which the real hero became into being. A killing machine, hired gun with nothing but a good cause to deliver the exections to those who really needs to become the lesser evil of the Marvel Universe.

Punisher style is a executioner protagonist in my view, because his way does work. Sure the means is more harsh cold and dark. It makes the system cringe upon itself, coz he can do the job and see it through.


Mi vida in cubit porma


Stuck behind these four walls
This statement has been here forever
Handling nothing but my own.

Id rise again with this cane,
Yet all my meds front of me…
For blood
And admonition of defeat internally

If i ever get out of here
Id still be stuck with something
Or someone’s walls of loving mercy
Their ball
Their chain
Their love
The would be life together

Banded on life
Bonded on paper
Yet the circle of rings
In this form nothing can change
Only perceptions
Views, opinions, thoughts
Nagging bitching doubts upon fears
Sometimes lies too.

Might as well explode when im alone on this bag
When the gloves on or off
All the flurries of carnal to carpal
While my fists of flurry into bloodied hell
And while i can still kick the bag
If i can throw this one out of chain
Put myself into it and heave all my chores of my mentality
Of hate
Self loathing
And all that destroys my mind incessently consistently

As a walled life
We are bound to our crimes of our own
Freedom is not an issue
To be free
Its always within