Look up


In your darkest cobalt
I am so pale in pain with my headaches

At your eye of your vermillion before going aquamarine
I am bowing at your horizon and serenity comes over

Hecate,Demeter,Diana are my consolation with Nott at my side
All of them are you for you were always there at aldeberan’s sight

Then to the east i cater when head dawn
Where Eureus and Boreal Kimono and geisha would greet me
A sight of clapping bamboo and hard wood be my gaiden

Wherever i am you are there
Whenever i need of you will always be
For your love never stops.

The balance shifts into place when a person honors the one before him who gave, “Sacrifice”
and never stops advocating honest living with responsibilities far beyond measure.

Enter the gates of Gethesemene. Into the fray of the doubtful disciples.

3-23-16: where sleep never sleeps but sorrow doesnt.

Holy Wednesday. 2016.

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